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Looking to transform your organization to a cloud platform? Do not the steps or the requirements to get started? Do you have only the least idea of what Kubernetes containers, Cloud advancements and overall transformation process is? Well, this section will help aid those frequently asked questions so you have a better understanding of what you will be involved in.

What is Cloud Computing ?

Cloud Computing is a way to deliver services through a model that is highly scalable, flexible, on-demand access to resources, networking and other services through various channels utilizing the network of remote servers hosted on the internet allowing users to manage,store and process data effortlessly.

What are the benefits of cloud computing ?

When it comes to cloud computing, the significant benefit is the reduced IT cost and efforts throughout the completion of the project. The underlying infrastructure which includes both the hardware and software, are mostly managed through the cloud provider. This reason solely makes the service offering more reliable and secure in comparison to the standard corporate data centres. This also allows the IT techs usually occupied in these trivial tasks to focus more on challenging and major tasks at hand.
Cloud computing also defies the global gaps, as it is a service that is not only convenient but also immensely scalable and accessible. It allows access to companies to host a new level of service standards and save their time doing so as well. Additionally, with access to popular trends and architecture, users can make use of microservices, machine learning, automation, serverless and large scale data analysis.

Is cloud computing secure ?

Cloud computing and its network in itself is pretty secure in comparison to most of the data centres. As popular and major names in the industry like Google and Amazon are usually automating many of the practices which assure the security standard. Additionally, these platforms also offer tools, architectural structures and options to encrypt personal data as well as to detect potential security threats and isolate workloads, enhancing the overall security concerns.

What is Kubernetes ?

Kubernetes or K8s in short is an open-source container orchestration platform that is used to deploy, scale, and manage containerized applications effortlessly. It offers the users a high resilient infrastructure, automation options, continuous monitoring and built-in codes to roll out changes in an application while scaling it according to the organizational requirements.

What do you need to know about 01Cloud Architecture Design and Deployment ?

01Cloud brings a PaaS-based hybrid cloud solution that instantly transforms existing infrastructure into a cloud. We help businesses drive digital transformation by allowing themselves to manage VMs, Containers, and Server Services ON ANY infrastructure - locally, in the public cloud, or ultimately - with self-help, convenience, and integration. 01Cloud solves key challenges by performing the complex installation of Kubernetes while providing flexibility in which tools and infrastructure IT teams can use.

How does CI/CD implementation work ?

CI stands for 'Continuous Integration' and refers to the software build pipe. CI incorporates all the steps developers take between coding and pushing it into a team test. The CD refers to a software release pipe and can represent 'Continuous Delivery' or 'Continuous Delivery' - two very similar processes, very different in their default level.
Continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) feature a culture, a complete set of operating principles, and a collection of practices that allow application development teams to securely and reliably deliver code changes. The process is also known as the CI/CD pipeline. The CI/CD process can be monitored from the CI/CD section in the Environment of the 01cloud. This feature allows a mechanism to integrate and validate its changes without needing DevOps monitoring.